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Sealing the technological holes, the cables crossings and the metallic pipes with fire retardant polyurethane foam

The sealing system with fire retardant polyurethane foam can be succesfully used to fill the technological holes and the hard to acces crossings and penetrations. It can represent a fast and unique fire protection solution or a complementary one.

What is the fire retardant polyurethane foam?

The fire retardant polyurethane foam is a foam fire-component, self extracting, ready to work , with CFC-free propellant, completely harmless to the ozone layer.

The polyurethane foam properties are:
  • Fire retardant exceeding 360 min
  • Effective insulation against smoke and gas
  • Adhesion on most of the materials, except Teflon, PE and PP
  • High degree of thermal and acoustic insulation
  • The fire retardant polyurethane foam can be used for:
  • Installation of fire resistant doors and windows
  • Fire insulation between walls, ceilings and floors
  • Filling cavities
  • Creating noise screens

All the applications demanding fire isolation: isolation of all holes in roofs, isolation of the cables and tubes holes, creating soundproofing, fixing insulation materials, sound damping coats, improved thermal insulation space cooling.