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What is the passive fire protection?

The passive fire protection represents all the measures that can be taken in order to prevent/limit or stop the expansion of the fire. The passive fire protection is complementary to the active fire protection, and together, those two types of protection achieve the fire security system. The continuous developing of the building industry demands new fire protection solutions and the use of new systems and materials in order to limit the damages in case of fire. This can be done by building walls, floors, ceilings, doors and windows resistant to fire, by protecting the metallic and wooden structures and sealing the technological holes and joints.

There are more categories of passive fire protection measures: brickwork made of fire resistant materials, protecting the structures with paint or mortar, sealing the technological holes and joints, cuffing the plastic tubing, electrical cables isolation, using doors, windows, floors and ceilings fire resistant. All those measures can save lives and limit the damages of the fire. If completed with the active fire protection systems, the passive fire protection systems will control the fire and will help to extinction it, without many damages.

Due to technological progress, we now have the possibility to work with the cutting edge generation of materials in different domains, from classic buildings to airplanes, wherever there is a fire risk.

We, Romfire Protect Solutions, offer to our clients the newest solutions for the passive fire protection and the know-how of our specialists, partners and suppliers. It s been 30 years since they work in the fire protection business to save lives and protect buildings.