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The fire resistant walls are made either of overlapping plasterboard planes, attached to the metal strcture either by building plasterboard blocks.

About the fire resistant walls made of plasterboard blocks:

Interior wall partitions are not part of the structural strength and serve to delineate and separate rooms of a building. To ensure the comfort and safety of the building beneficiaries required partitions must be characterized primarily by a good sound insulation, fire resistance and lack of negative influences on health.

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Masonry / walls of plasterboard blocks is fast. Bricks are provided with tongue and groove, which allows them to be built up very quickly, and the links between brick blocks are done with a special adhesive.
After completing the wall, it does not require plastering, finishes can be applied directly. Wall thickness can be 80, 100 or 300 mm.

Fire resistance:

Increased resistance to fire of MultiGips gypsum blocks feature results from gypsum material. Gypsum - calcium sulfate dehydrate (CaSO4 .2H2O) - contains 18-20% humidity. During fire, gypsum is dehydrated and its temperature does not exceed 100 - 110 ° C by the end of the process.

Good insulation gypsum is also due to a relatively low coefficient of thermal transmission. For walls of gypsum blocks with density of 600 kg / m3 in dry thermal transmission coefficient = 0.30 W / mK