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The fire resistant curtains are used to separate two spaces, without inslatalling a fire resistant door, which could obstruct the access.
They are made of a special material witch doesn’t allow the spread of the fire from one space to another. The lowering of the curtain and the separation of the space is made gravitationally, when the fire alarm is triggered.
The fire and smoke resistant curtains can be sized up to 8 x8 m. Automatic fire resistant curtains are used to control the spread of the fire in a building and to protect the escape routes in case of fire. They act independently, helped by a gravitationall system, in case of fire.

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The curtain can be triggered by a smoke central, a fire alarm system or independent detection sensors. When it’s rolled, the curtain is not visible, it can it is integrated in false ceilings. Its running space is 20 x 30 cm.
The resistant ceilings are made of fiberglass reinforced with stainless steel wire and covered with silicone. This fabric is waterproof and has a high resistance to fire spread, slowing it down or stopping it.